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Julia M. Garwood • Certified Family Law Specialist

Johna Bartlett

Office Administrator


Johna Bartlett is typically the first point of contact and a critical resource to initiate a positive Garwood Family Law and Mediation experience. Johna’s amiable disposition and unflinching attentiveness makes her the ideal liaison between the client and our firm, with open ears and mind ready to handle any immediate needs.
With over 13 years of family law experience, Johna provides both direct case management and office administrative duties. In support of Julia M Garwood, Esq., she provides daily case management, as well as scheduling appointments and court appearances to ensure both client and Attorney are aware of all critical activities and schedules. As the Office Administrator, Johna ensures the efficiency of the daily administrative operation of the firm.
Johna’s supportive attitude and knowledgeable experience will help guide clients through potentially lengthy, complex procedures, making them feel comfortable and well-informed every step of the way.

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