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Your Advocate for a New Life

When you are dealing with any family law question your team will compassionately explain how the legal system works, what you can expect from your divorce lawyer, the court systems, and how you can participate in the process. The Law Offices and Mediation Center of Julia M. Garwood has decades of experience successfully representing people like you and at the same time recognizing the unique issues you are facing. Winning for you is more than just the legal result. Our firm strives to foster your emotional well-being throughout the entire process. During the initial consultation, the attorneys explore with you the numerous issues you are dealing with, explaining them in a concise and understandable manner. Our goal is to keep you as informed as possible, especially with regard to concerns involving children.

A Qualified Attorney and Mediator You Can Trust.

Julia M. Garwood, Esq., CFLS, is a Certified Family Law Specialist. The CFLS designation tells you that Attorney Garwood has met the rigorous standards set by the California State Bar for education, experience, and knowledge in the field of family law.
Janiffer Pearce, Esq., Associate attorney, has over 22 years of family law experience and is certified as a mediator. She is licensed as an attorney in four(4) states and is known for her no nonsense approach to the law. Whether settling or litigating, her clients appreciate her efficiency.
Casey A. Reeves, Esq., Associate attorney, particularly excels at discovery and evidence, which often helps bring cases to settlement. Having worked in family law and general civil litigation in complex to simple cases, Attorney Reeves is sensitive to the needs you have, giving you rational options and strategies. He has also been very effective in settling cases, as he really listens to you, the client, and is conscious of your financial constraints.

All three attorneys work with each client personally whether it is to settle or litigate your case. In addition, all Garwood Family Law and Mediation Divorce Lawyers are also San Diego Family Law mediators.

Compassion and courtesy are essential parts of your relationship with your family law attorney. Attorney Garwood sets the standard and the entire firm cares for those who come to them at this challenging time of their life. Their goal is to help you reach the most successful outcome you desire. They understand how important this transitional period is to your future and treat it with the utmost sensitivity. Strategy is a key component in every case.

The Experience and Assurance You Need.

Throughout her 30+ year career as a family law attorney, Attorney Garwood has received several awards and accolades for her professional accomplishments from the San Diego, California, and United States family law communities. These designations have given her the recognition among her peers as a distinguished attorney. As a former adjunct professor of the law, Attorney Garwood has taught professional responsibilities to future lawyers, giving her a unique perspective on what is possible for you. “I have seen it all,” she says, “I know what is reasonable.”

Compassionate, Yet Aggressive.

Your legal experts are here to help you through the pressure of the divorce process and through all family law issues you are facing. The attorneys at the Law Office and Mediation Center of Julia M. Garwood will stand up for you to get your wishes and needs met whether through mediation/settlement or litigation. Our flexible, yet demanding personalities make us powerful advocates. However, whenever the other side is being irrational or is unwilling to settle, your Garwood Family Law Attorney will take the case to Court and vigorously represent you in order to get you everything you’re entitled to. Our goal is to help you move into the next chapter of your life, knowing that what is possible has been done, and that emotionally, you have won.

At Garwood Family Law and Mediation, we feel a successful divorce is when you can walk away after it is over retaining your self-respect, creating a workable relationship with your ex, while at the same time providing a foundation for your future and those who depend upon you.

Supporting You to Be an Emotional Winner.

According to Ms Garwood, a successful divorce is when you can walk away after it’s all over, and still meet that person on the street and greet them. If you have children, a successful divorce is one where you can go to your child’s wedding and treat one another with respect in front of the children. “I’m not saying you will be best friends with your former spouse. I am just pointing out that, emotionally, you have moved on in a good, non-self-destructive way.

When you consult and retain one of our Attorneys, you can take a sigh of relief knowing that when necessary, this attorney strategizes cooperatively on your case, giving you a sense of peace while delaying your anxiety as much as possible. As one client stated, “I always dealt with Attorney Pearce, yet I got to know everyone in the firm and felt that I could not have been in better hands. I observed that the theme was to get me the best possible outcome at the lowest cost.”

Having been a Settlement Judge in San Diego County Family Law Courts, Attorney Garwood prefers to see her cases settle amicably. Her flexibility, integrity, reputation, and years of experience combine to give you the strong and confident counselor you desire if the need arises to go to trial. Most importantly the entire firm collaborates on each case, bringing together all of their knowledge, strengths and family law expertise.

A Unique Blend of Experience, Knowledge, and Intuition.

Once the dispute is understood, the firm strives to foresee the challenges you will incur, and what it will take to resolve the issues favorably for you. Drawing on their expertise from handling an extensive variety of circumstances, including the many options dealing with the needs of children, situations involving the military, and high asset cases. The attorneys are knowledgeable with regard to the unique set of rules and regulations that take precedence. They effectively navigate the many concerns of prenuptial agreements, and the delicate challenges of division of assets. Most importantly, the privacy of you, the client, is a main concern.

The attorneys strive for the most positive possible outcome in as timely a manner as can be anticipated. You want a Divorce Lawyer who has effectively faced these and other complex matters. We at the Law Offices and Mediation Center of Julia M. Garwood can be relied upon because of our years of knowledge and successes in bringing cases to resolution, with a unique foresight to efficiently anticipate the issues that arise in each client’s individual situation.

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