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Thankfully, there is more to family law than divorce. With more than 30 years of experience in San Diego family law, Garwood Family Law and Mediation understands the intricacies needed for various cases and provides comprehensive assistance for all family law services. Get a compassionate advocate for all of your family law needs. Call (619) 627-0274 to talk with one of our skilled lawyers. Privacy and confidentiality is our number 1 priority.

Legal Documents for Your Protection

You are in love and you plan to spend the rest of your lives together, but how can you protect yourself in the eyes of the law? If you are planning to marry, it is highly recommended that you discuss the benefits of a pre-nuptial agreement (or a post-nuptial agreement if you are already married). These legal documents often get a bad reputation, but through our Certified Family Law Specialist expertise, Garwood Family Law and Mediation highly recommends them in certain circumstances. A pre-nuptial does not mean that you expect your marriage to fail or that you don’t trust your future spouse. It just allows you to outline clearly what would happen if the marriage does end. It’s like a life insurance policy – you don’t want to use it, but it is in place if necessary. If you are a same-sex couple, current California law does allow you to marry. However, you and your partner can protect yourselves and get the same legal rights in California as married couples by filing for a domestic partnership. You can also have a pre or post nuptial agreement prepared on your behalf by one of our attorneys.

The Unpleasant Side of Family Law

No one deserves to get hit or verbally abused. If you are in an abusive relationship, our family law attorney can help you file for a restraining order and discuss the possible next steps (which could include counseling, divorce, or legal separation). There are several acts that can be considered domestic abuse and violence. Don’t live in fear – call us at (619) 627-0274 for a free consultation with one of our San Diego family lawyers. Remember Garwood Family Law and Mediation gives you the advice but YOU are in control of the decision making when deciding to go forward in your case.

Additional Family Law Matters

Garwood Family Law and Mediation also has extensive experience in dealing with all other family law matters, including:

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