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Spousal support is a means to assure that, in a divorce, the spouse with the least amount of income will be compensated enough to allow a standard of living comparable to what they are accustomed to. A more familiar name for spousal support is alimony. In California divorce law, alimony is not automatically instituted. And, if the court does grant it, there is no specific formula used to calculate the amount as there is with child support.

Some factors that will be considered in determining the amount of California spousal support to be paid are:

  • Length of the marriage
  • Age and health of both parties
  • Supported party’s marketable abilities
  • Amount of support contributed by supported party to career of supporting party
  • Standard of living created during marriage
  • Debts and resources of each party
  • Amount of the supported party’s earning capabilities reduced by time spent solely on domestic obligations
  • Supporting party’s earning power and ability to pay alimony
  • Capability of supported party to work without his/her employment disrupting the care of the children
  • History of domestic violence
  • Any adversities to either party that spousal support might create

Note: Those making spousal support payments should be aware that, unlike child support payments, alimony can be used as a tax deduction and it should be claimed as income by the spouse receiving the payments. Obviously there are many factors to take into consideration when evaluating the amount of spousal support needed.

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