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You lived in California for all, or part of your marriage. Your children were born here, they attend school here, and you planned to stay here to raise them. Now you have separated, or perhaps you have been divorced for several years, and you, or your spouse want to move out of state with the children. This is known as a child custody “move away” case. One party wants to “move away” with the children. If you have a child custody move away case in California, you need an experienced child custody attorney on your side. Whether you are the one seeking the move away or the one opposing it, Garwood Reeves can help. At Garwood Reeves, our experienced child custody attorneys have handled both sides of the issue and they know the California move away laws. We are sensitive to the emotional stress and turmoil that accompanies a parties’ decision to move with the children. We will give you an honest assessment of your position to spare unnecessary cost and emotional strife.

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While each move away case is different, at Garwood Reeves we have the requisite knowledge and experience to skillfully represent you in making or defending against a move away request. Call Garwood Reeves today and see how our skilled child custody attorneys can help you.