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  • • Sometimes parents cannot reach agreement about child custody.
  • • Don’t let the courts decide a child custody arrangement for you; let Garwood Attorneys in San Diego help you navigate the divorce process.
  • • If facing a child custody battle, you’ll need a strong and compassionate divorce attorney.
  • • If trying to earn child custody or gain visitation rights, our experienced divorce lawyers can help.

What Are My Rights?

Divorces are tough enough when only spouses are involved. But, when you divorce with children, things can get a lot more complicated. At Garwood Attorneys in San Diego, divorce attorney Julia M. Garwood has extensive experience in dealing with San Diego child custody and support, spousal support, and post dissolution modifications. For effective representation in your divorce with (or without) children, you can trust our skilled divorce lawyers. We want to help you move on emotionally and financially. Call (619) 627-0274 today for a consultation.

Getting San Diego Child Custody and Support When Needed

It doesn’t matter if your divorce involves children or if it’s just you and your spouse, there are circumstances that need to be considered, especially regarding financial support. With more than 30 years of experience in California family law, San Diego divorce attorney Julia M. Garwood has the knowledge and expertise to help you move forward both financially and emotionally after your divorce. Whether you are settling your divorce through mediation or divorcing through the court system, our family law attorney can assist you with:


Things Can Change after Your Divorce, We Can Help

Just because your divorce is final, it doesn’t mean that you can’t modify your divorce agreement. In fact, it is a common occurrence to need to change the court order. You may need to change the amount of child or spousal support paid, you might want to change child custody or visitation agreements, or you may have to go after an ex who is not making required support payments. Discover how our divorce lawyer can assist you with post dissolution order modifications.

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The divorce process can be overwhelming – especially when children are involved. Let us take away some of your burden and smooth the way to financial and emotional stability after your divorce. Putting it off won’t make the problems go away. Contact Garwood Attorneys today at (619) 627-0274 and schedule your divorce consultation.

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