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With San Diego’s idyllic climate, pristine beaches, and an endless variety of things to do, it is no wonder that “America’s Finest City” is home to so many thriving industries. Whether you or your spouse are in technology, biotech, pharmaceuticals, life sciences, service, or countless other industries, you have likely acquired significant assets. Hopefully, these assets are appreciating.

You should know that high net worth divorces involving significant assets are complex, requiring a highly skilled and experienced Del Mar high net worth attorney to protect your financial interests. At Garwood Reeves we have the requisite knowledge and experience to skillfully assist you with your complex high asset divorce case. Whether you have ownership rights in a business, stock options, investment accounts, multiple pieces of real estate, Garwood Reeves will help you navigate complex issues related to support and the property settlement. We are dedicated to pursuing smart solutions that preserve your wealth.

More About The High Net Worth Lawyers At Garwood Attorneys

At Garwood Reeves our high net worth lawyers in Del Mar have the requisite knowledge and experience to skillfully assist you with your complex high asset divorce case. From CEO to homemaker, we have successfully represented family law litigants on both sides of the family law case. Our experience includes, but is not limited to issues of:

  • Full or partial ownership of a closely held business, family business, or partnership.
  • SEC Filings, Board Memberships, BOD, 10% Stock Holder
  • Stock options/Qualified Stock Purchase Agreements
  • IRAs, 401(K) plans, pensions, and other retirement vehicles and investments
  • Residential and commercial real estate holdings
  • Compensation Packages/Bonus Agreements
  • Foreign real estate and investments
  • Separate Property Holdings
  • Inheritance
  • Trust Funds

The larger and more complex a family’s holdings, the more challenges there are to overcome, increasing the potential for litigation. Careful preparation and accounting can help to avoid unnecessary, costly, and time-consuming litigation. All assets must be properly valued and accounted for. While this is no simple task, it is one that Garwood Reeves have extensive experience in. Our experienced high net worth attorneys work with financial experts as necessary to locate and value the assets and obligations subject to division in the dissolution.

We are also sensitive to the privacy needs and concerns of our high income and asset clients, negotiating non-disclosure agreements where appropriate, and maintaining protocols to ensure your case stays out of the media.

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Divorces that involve significant marital assets require an experienced high net worth divorce attorney. Contact Garwood Reeves, and learn how our dedicated attorneys can help you. We look forward to meeting you.