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Same-sex marriage was federally recognized last June, but California still offers couples the opportunity to register as domestic partners. These domestic partnerships can offer couples many of the same rights and responsibilities associated with a traditional marriage, including:

• Hospital visitation rights

• Abilities to make medical, legal and financial choices for your partner

• Disability benefits (state only)

• Adoption privileges

• Inheritance and other death benefits

• State employment benefits

• Insurance benefits

• And more…

In order to make your relationship an official domestic partnership, you must register it with the state. To register, you must meet a number of requirements including:

• Both partners must be unmarried and be over 18 years of age.

• The partners must share a residence and not be related by blood.

• The partners must be same-sex or both must be over the age of 62.

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A San Diego domestic partnerships attorney can help you evaluate your qualifications to file for a domestic partnership and can help you file the paperwork to register your relationship. Additionally, if things end up going South, a San Diego domestic partnership attorney will be necessary to help you in your partnership dissolution. Find out about the differences between a California Domestic Partnership and marriage here. At Garwood Reeves we can help you with all of your domestic partnership needs, including initialization, adoption and dissolution. We assure a San Diego family attorney from our firm will listen to you and answer all of your questions. Call today to schedule an appointment with a qualified San Diego domestic partnership lawyer in our offices.