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Navigating California Divorce Laws and Family Law Issues

California is a no-fault divorce and community property state, but dissolving a marriage isn’t simple. Rely on the knowledge and experience of our team, providing a divorce attorney in San Diego to comfortably guide you through the divorce process from start to finish so there are no surprises. However, that is not always the case. Issues like alimony, child support payments, child custody and visitation, pre-nuptial agreements, and pet custody can all cloud the situation. Add to that the hurt feelings between you and your spouse, and reaching an amicable agreement becomes even more difficult. At Garwood Reeves in San Diego, our experienced divorce attorneys are familiar with the ins and outs of California divorce laws and can help you not only survive this tough time, but thrive in the future. With more than 50 years of experience in California divorce litigation and mediation, the San Diego divorce lawyers at Garwood Reeves compassionately supports you through this tough time while fighting for your rights. Schedule a consultation by calling (619) 692-8100 today.

Moving Forward: Divorce and Separation

When your marriage is ending, it can leave you with doubts about your future. You also may wonder if you can settle your divorce through mediation or if litigation is required. Perhaps, you are wondering if a legal separation would be a better option for you or are thinking you may qualify for an annulment of your marriage. Whatever your needs when ending your marriage, our San Diego Legal Team can help you navigate California’s divorce laws. Our main goal is to be “Your Advocate For a New Life” — creating outcomes that will allow you to move on both emotionally and financially after your divorce. Learn more about our divorce and legal separation services.

Putting Your Child First: Custody and Support

As a parent, you want to put the needs of your children first. However, negative emotions during a divorce can cloud your judgment and you may want to “punish” your ex-spouse by fighting custody and visitation rights. If your ex is a good parent, the only one you are punishing is your child. Having worked for more than 50 years with families dealing with divorce, the lawyers at Garwood Reeves can help you objectively create child custody and support agreements that are beneficial to your children. Our divorce attorneys can also help you when it comes to spousal support, especially since alimony is not automatic in California. Let our legal team fight for your best interests and – more importantly – for the best interests of your children. Learn more about our child custody and support services.

Protecting Families: Domestic Partnerships and More

There’s more to California’s family law than divorce and child custody. In fact, there are family law issues that can make your family stronger. Although they get a bad reputation, pre- and post-nuptial agreements can help you determine the “what ifs” before there is any animosity in the relationship. California does currently offer same-sex marriage rights. In addition, LGBT couples can get some of the benefits of marriage through domestic partnerships. Our San Diego legal team can help you draft these important documents. Our family law attorneys can also be strong allies in cases of domestic abuse and violence, paternity cases, and enforcing your court-ordered divorce agreements. Learn more about our family law services.

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Whatever divorce or family law issues you have, we can help. Trust your legal issues to a San Diego divorce attorney who not only cares about winning in the courtroom, but also is concerned with you winning back your life. Contact Garwood Reeves today to schedule a consultation for our services by contacting us at (619) 692-8100.