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Domestic violence is a serious matter that can dramatically affect an entire family. If you are the victim of abuse, it is important to contact an experienced San Diego domestic violence lawyer immediately. At Garwood Reeves, we can help provide you with a Temporary Restraining Order and work to obtain a Final Restraining Order against your spouse. It is critical to not allow yourself to be bullied or traumatized again and to garner the full protection of the Prevention of Domestic Violence Act. A San Diego domestic violence lawyer can help you in this area.

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Additionally, a representative from our firm can help you decide on the next step in your relationship. If you would like a legal separation, a divorce or even just counseling, we can represent you and protect your interests. When children are involved, the situation becomes even more complex. If your partner presents a danger to your children, we can help you seek custody and restraining orders, if needed. Even if the violence was not perpetrated against the children, witnessing abuse can be severely damaging to a child. This will be taken very seriously in divorce proceedings and a skilled San Diego domestic violence attorney will be critical in helping you find the optimal outcome for your children.

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If you have any questions or need any help following domestic violence, call our offices today to speak with a top San Diego family lawyer. Remember, abuse can be anything from threats to molestation and from striking to stalking. Do not discount your negative experiences just because they do not fit the stereotype of “domestic abuse.”