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When you and your spouse agree about rights, responsibilities and obligations following the divorce, you’re on your way to a successful post-marriage life. Unfortunately, once these things have been agreed upon, there is no way to be sure your ex will follow through on the agreements. If your former spouse fails to follow their required obligations, you can take action for court orders enforcement to make sure they do as agreed.

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Hire a San Diego divorce attorney to file a contempt hearing. The guilty party may face strict punishments for not following the terms of your agreement. The consequences for not adhering to court orders may include jail time, revocation of driver’s licenses and personal licenses. For enforcement order family court regarding spousal support payments or a parenting plan, you will generally need to invoke your right to a contempt hearing. At Garwood Reeves our attorneys can help protect your interests at these types of hearings for court orders enforcement. If you win your case, you may be eligible for make-up child custody time, payment of attorney fees and wage garnishments from your past spouse. If you have any questions about how we can help you enforce your divorce agreement, contact us today.

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