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In every divorce where children are involved, the very first concern should be the welfare of those children. Will they continue to be fed, clothed, sheltered and educated in the way they are accustomed? Does this financial burden fall onto the custodial parent or the one who has the most income? If you are asking these kinds of questions right now, you need to speak to a San Diego child support attorney who not only has the answers but has the expertise to make your child support settlements work for your children and you.

How Do You Determine The Amount Of Child Support To Be Paid?

By law, the amount to be paid in San Diego child support is determined by using a set formula. Factored in the calculations are both parents’ incomes (including unemployment and disability payments, bonuses, stock options, commissions, interest payments, overtime, etc.). Also calculated in are household expenses, health issues, and how much time each parent spends with their children. Garwood Reeves will see that all income source information is added to the calculations to insure that the amount is fair and realistic.

Note: Those making child support payments may not use them as a tax deduction and they may not be claimed as income by the spouse receiving the payments. Even after the court hands down orders for child support, we will always be there if you need us. 

Contact Us To Speak To A San Diego Child Support Attorney At Once!

Garwood Reeves is prepared to take legal action against those who have failed to pay to support their children as the court has ordered. We are also available to help you if you seek to make any modifications to the amount of the support. Contact our San Diego family lawyer today to schedule an appointment to discuss what we can do to help your family.