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Post Dissolution Order Modifications

The only thing that is certain these days is change, and that’s why your San Diego divorce attorney and our local courts can help you enforce or modify your divorce agreement. Whether you are seeking an enforcement order or need to recalculate the amount of child or spousal support due, a post dissolution order modification can be an important update to a finalized divorce. Sometimes the person paying support payments will fall behind and a court can help force the person to pay. This process may even include wage garnishments. If the person is falling behind because they can no longer afford to pay as much, the court may instead lower the amount of support due. On the other hand, if the person paying support begins earning a significantly higher income, a San Diego divorce lawyer may help modify the support agreements to provide more to their ex or their children. Similarly, child custody and visitation rights may be changed as well. If a parent has shown they are unfit to take care of a minor, custody may be revoked from them. If they had little or no custody, but have improved their parenting skills, the parent may be granted an increase in visitation rights. Either way, a skilled San Diego family attorney can help request a modification from the court for the interest of the children. If you need any help enforcing or modifying your court order, contact an experienced San Diego family lawyer for your post dissolution order modifications. Even if we did not represent you in your initial court appearances, we can still help you now. Call (619) 627-0274 today to schedule your consultation.

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