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For some reason, prenuptial agreements have a bad stigma attached to them in our society. Many people are repelled at the thought of these contracts. At the same time, it is hard to find a family law attorney or marriage counselor that does not recommend one. Why? The fact is that prenuptial agreements and post nuptials can actually make a marriage happier and more successful.

Shocking Divorce Statistics In United States

With divorce rates around 50% nationwide and as high as 75% in California, even the most loving partners may occasionally think “what if?” And there lies the problem in not having a pre or post nuptial in your marriage. When a marriage has a pre or post nuptial agreement incorporated in it, both parties know what will happen if things come to an end. The couple can get together with their divorce lawyer and respectfully agree, in an amicable state, what should occur if they do get a divorce. There is no worry about what the divorce court will provide each party with.

The Benefits Of Using Pre And Post Nuptial Agreements

These prenuptial agreements can help you come to an arrangement regarding child support and custody, spousal support and property division before any problems pop up in your marriage. Think of it like a life insurance policy for your marriage: you don’t want it to end, but if it does, it’s nice to know you’ll be taken care of. And of course, your San Diego family attorney would serve as your broker, making sure what benefits each party will receive if the relationship dies in an untimely manner.

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If you are interested in a pre or post nuptial agreement and don’t know how to address the topic to your loved one, contact a San Diego divorce lawyer at Garwood Reeves. We can help you not only prepare your contract, but also advise you on how to approach your fiancé or spouse about the idea.