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California is a “community property state.” That means that anything you and your spouse have acquired during marriage is subject to equal division and distribution upon divorce. Property acquired before marriage, on the other hand, is considered “separate property” and is not subject to division. There are other exceptions to community property, such as property that falls under a prenuptial agreement or assets provided as a gift or inheritance to either party. A skilled San Diego divorce attorney is critical in helping to distinguish what category your items and land fall under.

Division of property can be a confusing process, particularly when trying to identify items which were purchased before and after the marriage. Memories can be faulty and this can lead to even more fights between your spouse and yourself. Hiring a San Diego family attorney can help keep things civil. Your lawyer can help get to the bottom of your purchase dates and discover all assets exempt from equitable division. A good San Diego divorce attorney can help you maintain an optimum relationship with your spouse.

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