While everyone at Garwood Family Law knows how professional Julia Garwood is, it’s a honor to have so many prestigious organizations and publications recognize her for her ethics and expertise in the legal profession. Just halfway into 2016, Garwood has already snagged four exclusive awards:

San Diego Magazine, Top Lawyer – March 2016

San Diego Magazine conducts a vote process to determine the best lawyers in private, corporate, academic and government practice in San Diego County in key categories. Julia was recognized for her dedication to ethical standards and quest for excellence.

American Registry, Top 1% of America’s Most Honored Professionals – April 2016

American Registry identifies the nation’s top performers, from the beloved family physician to your trusted legal counsel, to that top rated pizza parlor downtown. Large and small, local and national, whether a small business or the fastest growing in the Fortune 500, they have one thing in common: they’ve been rated and ranked the best. And once they’ve been recognized for their outstanding achievements, they’re in The Registry – The American Registry of Business Excellence. Julia has been ranked in the 1% of everyone in the database. 

American Institute of Family Law Attorneys, Best Female Attorneys for Client Satisfaction – June 2016

The criteria for this prestigious distinction given from AIFOLA is limited to award-winning industry leaders who are members of associations, have no unresolved complaints, score a 10/10 in client satisfaction, are top rated, take on speaking engagements and continue their education.

National Academy of Jurisprudence, Premier 100 Attorneys in California – June 2016

NAJ’s selection is extended exclusively to trial attorneys who have met stringent qualifications and who have shown exemplary representation of their clients as a premier trial attorney. This award recognizes the premier representation Julia gives to her clients.

We’re truly honored to have such a recognized individual leading our law firm. Her high standards keep us all motivated and inspired to continue to be advocates for our client’s new lives. She is dedicated to making sure everyone who comes to her law firm feels legally and emotionally supported at every step of the process.  She doesn’t settle at helping her clients survive their divorce- she makes sure they THRIVE. San Diego Magazine, American Registry and American Institute of Family Law Attorneys all recognize that in these incredible awards.

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