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Military marriages differ from civilian marriages in many aspects. Military spouses often spend months or even years apart. A question as simple as “Where do I file my divorce case” can be far more complicated in a military case, where a spouse may be away on active duty in another state or country.

What if you are deployed, and your spouse files for divorce in California? You need an attorney on your side who is familiar with the Service members Civil Relief Act (SCRA), a federal law that protects military members on active duty. If you are the non-military spouse, you need an attorney who knows how the federal statutes effect your dissolution.

Differences Between Military Versus Civilian Divorce

Other differences between a military versus a civilian divorce include: the effective dates of child and spousal support, the division of military benefits, service members basic allowances and the tax consequences thereof. Move-away custody cases are also common when handling a military divorce.

To ensure that you follow state and federal laws while protecting your rights as an active duty military member or a military spouse, you need a family law attorney experienced in military dissolution.

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